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Thread: Is Google changing its Algo?

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    Default Is Google changing its Algo?

    My keyword are changing position rapidly on Google, not one or two positions but change from page 5 to 15 and then 15 to 12 and then to 10 mean every new day new rank. Is this normal? or there is any changes occurring on Google?

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    I haven't noticed anything like that. maybe it's just a temporary situation and everything will become stable in a week. I experienced the same last year. No explanation.

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    Search engines are constantly tinkering with mere mortals won't know.

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    [QUOTE=robertsamual;56429]Well, Google is continuously in process of changing its algo and way of searching and spider crawling. QUOTE]

    Yep. Google changes their algorithym all of the time. What is effective today might not be effective six months from now. The key is to adjust with the changes.

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