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Thread: Happy New Year and re-intro

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    Default Happy New Year and re-intro

    Hi. I've been a member here but not as active as I once was so I thought I'd post a re introduction. I'm a small business coach and an affiliate marketer. I was busy working on my new book so I could publish it by the end of last year (which I did!). One of my goals for this year is to increase my passive income instead of having everything coming from me trading time for money. I look forward to interacting with all of the new members here. This is an awesome place to learn. Lynn rocks!

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    Hi Deanna, glad to see you back on the forum. Hope you'll visit often.

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    Hi Deanna. Welcome back! I'm a new member to the forum and new to building a business with the internet as a forum. I'm so proud for you that you finished your book...and on schedule too!! Congratulations to you.

    Here's to success by design,


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