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Thread: What are your thoughts on Market Samurai?

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    Default What are your thoughts on Market Samurai?

    I'm thinking about joining and am wondering if it is worth the money.
    If anyone else is using this program I would love to know your thoughts and experiences with it. Is it as good as it claims to be?


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    It is a handy tool, but the tech support is lacking. I'm still waiting on a solution to a problem from almost two months ago.
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    I think MS delivers on all its promises.

    For initial keyword research, you can find a lot of products that accomplish pretty much the same thing. However, when you want to start analyzing the competition, looking at their backlinks and anchor text used, or finding relevant content... nothing beats it.

    They offer a free trial. I would suggest you try it.

    It's not one of those free trials where you have to put down a credit card and then they charge you when you forget to cancel either.

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    Forget about tools, plugins, themes, softwares, courses, ebooks, clever strategies and all the other stuff the IM marketplace will try to sell you. You can always come back to all this later if you want, it never goes away.

    Google Keyword Tool is free, and is all you need for now.

    Go write 100 great articles, and get 500 links to your site.

    You've got your mind, the world's biggest library, and Wordpress. That's all you need for now.

    There's nothing left to do but the work.

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    It's about saving time.

    Yes there are free tools that will do a lot of the same stuff, but not nearly as fast or in depth, and none of them put everything all in the same place for you.

    So yes, if you are setting up just one site, the free tools are probably the way to go.

    If you are setting up sites frequently for yourself or clients of yours, then I would highly recommend checking out Market Samurai. My time is too valuable not to have spent the $97 it cost me.

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    Default Market Samurai

    I got it as a gift and while, I do use it, I found that the learning curve is pretty steep. I had to watch the training videos over and over and over. In my case, I do a lot of research around keywords and such, and it does help. But, if you're just looking to get some ballpark ideas on keywords, using the free tools is probably all you'll need.

    You can download it for free. However, if you want to see a sample report, just send me your keywords and I'll have it generate the info and send you what it shows.

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    Remember that Market Samurai's keyword research section is *free*, and you get to keep that even if you don't go on to buy the rest of the software.

    What you do is just take the free trial & don't buy it at the end of the free trial period: they don't ask for your paypal info unless you go to the purchase page and actually buy it.

    The keyword research area gives you so much more information than other free tools, and much faster than you could collect the info any other way.

    Re the glitches: Market Samurai is still in beta and the team are continually updating it, and if the team don't yet have an answer to a glitch (or if they're unable to reproduce it themselves) then it will take longer to get an answer. On the whole they are mega wonderful.

    Re learning curve: each tutorial is short, and if you go along with the tutorials as you're watching them (using the pause button and with the pdf of the tutorial that you can download) then it's much easier. The tutorials are free to watch & open to all - I think that they're all on youtube, so you can look at them whenever you want.

    I'm bringing out an in-depth Market Samurai glossary to complement their tutorials, which I hope will help a lot of people, and the first section (keyword research) will hopefully be up on my site this week (fingers crossed).


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    I think it is useful and currently the best. The only flaw is that it hangs a lot and can slow things down. It is being updated though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meenub View Post
    I'm thinking about joining and am wondering if it is worth the money.
    If anyone else is using this program I would love to know your thoughts and experiences with it. Is it as good as it claims to be?

    I love market samurai. I was first introduced to it when I was doing the Challenge. I am now using it daily for keyword research, page rank information, etc. It is one of the best software around.


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