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    Default Something quite scary....

    I have decided to do something a bit scary....

    In the process of investigating books for my site's October Reading Challenge - to encourage people to read books set in Afghanistan - I came across a fantastic writing project which is giving Afghan women a voice.

    Wanting to support this project through my site, I decided I would donate any commission I earn from books set in Afghanistan during October to the project. And I have done a blog post telling people so.

    But this scares me, because so far, I think I have average earnings of about $1.20 in commission each month - what do I do if hardly anyone buys any books? Do I then announce a paltry figure on the blog, or do I add my own donation (which I am quite willing to do) to make it up to a reasonable amount and fudge the facts a little bit when announcing the grand total?

    Has anyone else done this? I'd love to hear how it went for you.....

    I have told the writing project itself I am doing this, so I have completely put myself out there - though when I say it is a bit scary, I guess I have to put it in perspective - it's not at all scary compared to what these women in Afghanistan are facing doing their writing in secret!

    Anyway - we shall see what happens - and of course, if you are in a position to spread the word about the project then that would be great!


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    Honesty is the best policy! And I would add to the donations as well and share that on the blog if you do. It can't hurt to try to help an organization and as you grow your blog future donations will grow.

    I have never done this though so I don't have personal experience.


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