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Thread: Newbies/beginners:What have you spent money on so far

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    I have never heard of it....what does it do? Anything that says auto makes me cringe LOL but I honestly don't know anything about it.

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    it's a report that tells you supposedly how to set up a money making auto blog. what plugins to use, what steps to take for SEO, how to generate content, how to find keywords, how to not get caught for "duplicate content", etc.....supposedly (from one reading), it's good info, but then from another reading, it's just information you can find anywhere else. But, if it puts it into a logical sequence, then it may prove helpful to me....kinda low cost, $37...and, if I pay with paypal/my cc, then I'm sure I can get a refund if it turns out to be junk....that's my issue. Where do I start? What is step one, step two, step three? I need a to-do list that I can follow & mark steps off. I'm not real good without knowing where to focus my efforts. there is just so many steps out there that need to be taken...I get overwhelmed easily & want to get started making money soon....rather than trying to figure out & taking forever to decide what the next step is. Can't someone tell me what should be done & in what order? ugh.
    And, the time I spend floundering just frustrates me & makes it harder to focus...I have a newborn at home.
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    From what you wrote, I would say pass on that product. We can help you here on the basics OR Lynn's elite mastermind group here is $37 a month and it's more detailed help and would be more what you're looking for. It's definitely a wise investment into starting your business.

    Have you read Lynn's blog post on how to make money online for beginners?

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    Kind of off topic here, but I was having this conversation with my business partner yesterday. If our computers blew up tomorrow, we forgot all our email addresses and passwords, we had no way of proving we held the licenses to any of our software tools, and we could only pick 4 tools to repurchase, which ones would they be? (Basically we were looking at streamlining some of our processes and the training involved with our VA's).

    Here was the list we came up with as of today.

    The Best Spinner - Love this thing. Big believer in article marketing and this gives an easy way to create more unique content to be submitted to the article directories.

    Article Marketing Robot - Hands down the best article submission tool on the market. Auto account creation. Automatic email verfication. Can submit to over 1000 sites.

    Sick Profile Builder - Great for quickly and easily building forum profiles with backlinks.

    SEO Link Robot - A relatively new kid on the block, but has been vital to us. Think SEnuke, without the $127/month fee.

    For the most part, all of these tools are aimed at SEO and traffic building. Nothing else really matters as much.

    Our honorable mentions went to Thesis Wordpress theme, Market Samurai (love it, but there are enough free alternatives that we could get by with in a pinch), and Bookmarking Demon.

    What would be the 4 tools you are using today you wouldn't want to have to do without?

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