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Thread: How long for the site...

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    farmnwife Guest

    Default How long for the site...

    to come up so I can work on it. Yesterday morning I had my domain name at godaddy point to host gator and put wordpress in fantastico. But I still can't get to it to start working on it. It keeps coming up as opendns. How long should it take? It is very frustrating.

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    billdotd Guest


    GoDaddy should update the DNS info within minutes. Double check your GoDaddy DNS servers.

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    Usually just takes minutes like Bill said BUT can take up to 24-48 hours.

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    farmnwife Guest


    I had a live chat with "John Le" at host gator. He gave me some numbers to put in the address bar that got me to the site to work on it. But the .com domain name still doesn't work. We'll see when 48 hours is up. I think it is a little ridiculous but not much I can do about it. I thought is was going to be a lot easier than this.

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    I would have thought the DNS would be resolving for you by now. Possibly worth rechecking the nameserver settings are correct on the Godaddy interface.

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    Not sure about Go Daddy, but Namecheap resolves right away within minutes. Ask the Hostgator guy to look into it for you, maybe you set up the DNS wrong.
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    farmnwife Guest


    No. LIke I said, when I had the live chat in host gato, he was able to give me the numerical address for me to get into the site. I have logged in as admin and can start working on it. But the domain name doesn't work yet. He said it might take 48 hrs.

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    medomeda Guest


    I think you should update the DNS info.

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    apablate01 Guest


    You should give it at least 48 hours minimum but in some cases 72 hours as well.

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    I suspect live support was semi asleep and gave you semi correct advice. I do not and would never host with Hostgator but all other hosts I have had accounts with over the years use this kind of dns setting


    Good luck!!



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