Hello all...
In reading throughout this forum, I'm still searching/hoping for info help with looking t* look like once you've selected it and begin customizing.
For instance, I notice that some sites show up as full page while other sites show a centered type page with a background. (for example this forum page is centered, Lynn's ClickNewz site is full page.

Also, I read that some themes offer the ability to change header. For instance looking up at Lynn's header here, she's inserted a photo, w/ some transparency
and has different type fonts for her wording. How do I learn that...find that process...where?

I've read so many *help* sites and I feel as I'm spinning my wheels for this is my first obstacle and I'm trying to *kick it out of my way*....to move forward.
Anyone w/ suggestions, help or ideas would be my blessing of the day!

Thank so much,
Gayle Fox