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Thread: Shareasale program agreement

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    Default Shareasale program agreement

    In ShareASale, I am filling out a program agreement application to be approved by a merchant. This one is not automatic one. What is the best wording to get fast approval?

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    I usually input my site URL, but many times I leave it blank. I don't think the merchants look at that too much.

    Try inputting your site URL and see how that works for you. Also keep in mind that many merchants do auto-approval, so regardless of what you put in the box, you will get in. Not all, but some do this.
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    I have already done one approval that was automatic. But this one specifically said "Auto-Approval of Affiliates: No". So I was thinking that my wording in the application should be impressive enough to make it thru approval. I'll see what I get.

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    Just say how you will promote their program. I usually say SEO, PPC, article marketing, etc. depending on what exactly you are going to do. It always worked for me.

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    Funny - Several years ago I was denied as an affiliate to several programs. Those same programs have come to me know asking if I would sign up.

    Go figure. Who knows why I was denied... maybe I didn't have the traffic then.

    I can get very snooty (if I'm in a mood) and tell them no thanks I already serve (competitors) links.

    It still amazes me that you need approval to put links to help them sell their products.


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