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Thread: Going out on a limb here...

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    Nice looking theme... totally looks cool for camera bags.

    And - you are right. The graphics are important for visitors... but content is what will get you visitors. Go for content first and then looks.

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    I don't use the Google tool so I can't help with the numbers. But I wonder if other people feel the same as I did and didn't get they were all camera bags. Definitely need to drill down and get more specific as far as KW phrases and SEO goes. Looking forward to seeing this site grow.

    Judi, have you ever looked at Lynn's elite membership group here on the forum? You can get a lot more specific help inside there if you're interested.

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    Hi Judi,

    I like the idea...but I am not sure about your site.

    It feels like a bedroom business. Even if it is, that's not the impression you want to give.

    Also it would be great if it was more clear if it a shopping site or something else. People only spend a few minites on a site before they move on. So, I think you just need to more to the point.

    Otherwise a good site. Defintely different.


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    Is there something that attracts only women to camera bags? Just a question and I for one see a interesting "niche" site that is focused. Good Job and much success with it. Perhaps do reviews of camera bags

    Quote Originally Posted by farmnwife View Post
    Before I put more time and effort into my website, I believe I need some constructive advice from those who have gone before. I have been spending A LOT of hours working on this website. It is my first affiliate site that I have built. Its been frustrating to say the least. But to move on.

    Please take a look at it and tell me if I am doing something wrong. Remember it is in its infancy stages. I only have a few pages with content. The first two and last links in the navigation bar. Specifically, I would like to know what I should work on right now (besides content which is obvious). I know it will be a long process but what is important for now.

    Thank you for helping out.

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    farmnwife Guest


    Angie, I mistakenly thought every visitor to the site would read the parent pages. They give a little more detail to the subpages. I will include the info on those as well.

    Ryan, I don't know what you mean by "bedroom feel".

    Nar321, there are plenty of black bags for the male photographer. I just chose to focus on the fact that women love cute/pretty bags. My hobby is photography and found a "snazzy" bag to put all my gear in. So I thought a site helping other ladies find colorful camera bags might be a good niche site to start with.

    Thanks for all the input on the site. It is helping me to think on how to improve it. If you come up with anything else, let me know.

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    Just a suggestion... but this really helped me to design websites for visitors:

    Book on Amazon called "Don't Make Me Think" by Steve Krug.

    This book has been suggested by many as the "handbook" of site design and usability.

    Also... the latest issue of has some great info about "keywords" as categories and making it easier for the search engines to find you.

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    Hi, Judi!

    I really like your site. Yep, getting the numbers right with keyword research is key to determining if you are pursuing a good money niche.

    I did not see an opt-in form on your site. Have you considered embedding one on your site to build a list? There are several good companies out there to consider for autoresponders. I use AWeber.

    Debra, thanks for the link and book you referenced -- I must check them out!

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    Add is an opt in box with tips on cameras, buying your first camera (if your market is first time buyers), the care and cleaning of your camera.

    Host a photo contest to get activity going among visitors.

    Although you are selling the carry cases, anything that educates your market around cameras would likely work.

    The reason you should begin immediately to get opt ins is you can run specials and those who opted in will be warm leads for your offers.


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