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Thread: help - optin box not working

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    Default help - optin box not working

    On my blog, my optin box is not working.

    I had it set up and installed with aweber by my web support people. They keep insisting to me that it is working on their end...

    but it's not on my I can't see it working....

    and i can't get any new people on my list if it's not.

    If anyone has a free moment....could you click on "answers here" button and see if it take you to welcome page and not "error" page.

    I would GREATLY appreciate it.


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    Yes it works! It won't work if you are already on the list so the first time I plugged my info in, it didn't do anything because I'm already on your list BUT I tried with a secondary email and it works just fine. I didn't confirm but I did get the confirm your subscription email to that account. Hope this helps!

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    I went through the whole process and it worked fine. You might want to change your thank you page to something other than Aweber's default.
    Christine Cobb
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    Worked fine for me, I agree with Chris about changing your thank you page.

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    You guys are angels! THANK YOU so much...I feel so much better. And I will change my thank you page to something other than aweber's default.

    Any suggestions for that?



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