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Thread: Best Internet/Affiliate Marketing Ebooks

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    So far I really like Rosalind Gardners, Affiliate Blogger PRO. I haven't got her book yet, but Im working on it! Add to that, Lynn's great forum at ClickNewz !

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    Here are three I recommend.

    • Paul Myers - Becoming Unstoppable which is the first chapter of his book "Need to Know.” It covers important things you need to know to succeed online. You can get the entire book for free when you subscribe to his newsletter. This chapter alone is excellent. You can get it here. (Free PDF)

    • Tony Shepherd - Affordable Mentoring Monthly newsletter. Offers good advice. Meaty newsletter. You can get it here. ($7 a month)

    • Paula and Wanda -- I'm in the early stages of their Amazonian Profit Plan which appears to be a very sound step by step process. Excellent book. You can get it here. ($97)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iris View Post
    (1) Affiliatenaire by Jimmy D. Brown knocked it out of the park for me!
    (2) Interview Cash Machine by Jason Fladlien introduced a great way to make money and grow your list
    (3) MRMI Super Cash System by Stephen Pierce is also excellent

    All three of these products give you step-by-step information which is excellent for a newbie or a rookie who has some knowledge but not a lot of confidence to take action.
    Anything by Jason Fladlien is good. Also, Kim Roach's products are usually awesome. Traffic Dashboard is an awesome product that she just put out. I usually pick up anything she puts out right away and I promote all of here products to my list. When it comes to traffic generation, she knows her stuff.


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