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    What is the best way to get traffic to your website?

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    Here are some great blog posts on getting website traffic from Lynn's blog.

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    thanks angie. i have been using article marketing . social media seems interesting.

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    Yes, social media is huge and FUN too. I especially like keyword research and SEO to get traffic.

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    Have any nice tips on how to go about keyword research and SEO?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fanskills View Post
    Have any nice tips on how to go about keyword research and SEO?
    Lynn has a whole category on KW research and SEO on her blog. Enjoy!

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    The best traffic generation methods:
    1. Article marketing;
    2. Traffic Exchange;
    3. The Traffic generator tool.

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    I get a lot of traffic from social bookmarking and participating in forums. I prefer to do the fun stuff as well but have spent a lot of time with article marketing, and other methods.

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    Wink Building Targeted Website Traffic

    There are a variety of methods that are effective.

    Quality article writing and then submitting to the right article sites. Some of these that I use will then distribute your articles to various blogs. Not only do you get direct traffic but the internal banklinks help build your SEO and page rank.

    Traffic exchanges, again be careful which ones you use, can also help in building page rank and you will get some direct hits too.

    As mentioned Social Bookmarking is effective if done properly, although that can be quite time consuming.

    Website forums are an excellent way not only to build traffic over time but to learn from other members.
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    I'm not a traffic expert, but it's a major obsession of mine this year. So far this has worked best for me:

    Going where your target audience is online and being helpful, whether that means yahoo groups, forums, social media, etc. Key here is *helpful*, becoming part of the community

    and - reading everything Lynn has on SEO and keywords, and then IMPLEMENTING it.

    and - interacting with your existing audience - commenting on their blogs and facebook pages in a very real and authentic way, answering their questions, sending them good, useful information, and building real life relationships.


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