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Thread: Pro/Cons -- Is Article Spinning worth it if so why ?.... if not why ?

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    Default Pro/Cons -- Is Article Spinning worth it if so why ?.... if not why ?

    Considering instant article wizard from jon ledger ............just do not really know if this spinning software is all hype and worth it for it's users........

    I would like to know what are the thoughts from affiliate gurus on this product.......and others whom have used different tools such as unique article wizard etccccc

    If a writer can write articles in 15 minutes to 30 is it still worth to spin not really see the value yet since it appears it can take longer to use this tool then just to read and rewrite an article .......HELPPPPPPPPPP...........

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    I *personally* do not spin articles. I don't see the value yet either especially for the techy challenged like myself it's best just to rewrite it myself. Plus I don't think spinners can do KW research and you want to use varying phrases for all your content. But I don't know anything about them and won't use one myself.

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    What is your reason for wanting to spin an article?

    You can submit the exact same article to as many article directories as you want.

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    Mike.....I am weighing out the pros and cons but the reason is for speed ! Angie said something about it does not do research ....and to my knowledge don't know

    But mike ....the only reason that I would like it is to submit different versions to directories, if you do not do this mike you will suffer with ranking on those directories for your targeted kw phrases.

    Different articles with different targeted kw phrases you wish to rank is best accomplished with different seo optimized versions of your articles being submitted to different places.

    What I want to figure out is will it save me time or waste time for me, I am a fast writer but can it help become faster or slow me down..hummmmm

    If there are features that will help me create more articles then I will go for it, but you see mike you can not just spin them and do not edit them maually after they are spun you still have to manually work them to optimize them for the kw phrases you wish to opimize them for and if you do not manually edit them after they are spun you can get penalized for duplicate content and your articles will disappear from the listings.

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    I don't spin articles as it's a waste of my time. If I submit an article to two or more article directories, I either submit them as they are, or I change the title and maybe some of the first paragraph.

    Dublicate content only exists if you put the same content up several places ON THE SAME site.

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    I have tried out Jonathan's software when it was in beta mode and I do agree that there are some features that would make it easier for those who do not write well, take too long or hate to write. I personally make the majority of my online income through writing for myself as well as others, so to me, this would slow me down. Finding synonyms and all can be done on your own and re-writing whole paragraphs from scratch often is much easier than trying to just find different words and such for the existing content.

    Just my 2 cents...

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    I agree with Britt and kdbiz. Quality and good keywords are more important than spinning this and rewriting that. I have had two pieces of (almost) identical content both rank on page 1 of Google, jsut because there was not much competition for that key word phrase. Think more in terms of covering a wide range of keyword phrases in your titles.

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    Agree, spinning articles slow me down. I prefer to rewrite and submission to more article directories.

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    Default Article spinning for SEO

    Article spinning can be effective if done correctly. I wouldn't use software personally as I don't feel software can spin the right words to get the correct meaning of the sentence or paragraph.

    Now if I personally spin last sentence to say "the correct words" that would make perfect sense, but to spin it to "the moral words" although still a synonym, obviously doesn't carry the same meaning.

    As to placing identical articles in multiple directories that will ultimately hurt you in your page ranking, especially with Google's new algorithm changes.

    So I feel the key is to spin correctly and submit to the right directories.

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    Instant Article Wizard isn't a spinning software. It's an instant article compilation software that puts together a whole article based on sentences extracted from Google...

    On another note, is article spinning worth it... Well, that depends. Worth it compared to what? You can't really tell if you have no other alternatives to compare it to... Compared to rewriting the article manually, or compared to submitting the same article over and over...

    Just submitting the same article to every article directory works, but it will give you less power in terms of link juice, and those articles have a very low chance of appearing in the search engines. That's the reason why people rewrite articles before resubmitting them to other sites.

    Article spinning is just a shortcut in the process of rewriting articles. You are going to do it manually anyway if you don't spin your articles, so I think that there's no reason to be wasting your time. Just spin them

    The reason why so many people don't like article spinning is because most people don't know how to spin an article properly. They think that spinning is just putting an article into a machine, and pressing a button to get unique spins. Obviously, that will give you bad results.

    So my advice for you, if you want to learn article spinning, learn it from the pros.

    The best spinning occurs at the sentence and paragraph level, because Google sees content based on context, and not word for word. It also gives you perfectly readable content, compared to word spinning as well as added uniqueness. Compare these two sentences:

    {That|The|My} {dog|pet|cat} is {blue|red|green}

    {My dog is blue|The dog I have is blue in color|I have a blue dog you know|My dog's blue}

    The difference: Word spinning gives you the exact same number of words in a sentence with each spin. Sentence spinning gives you a different number of words in a sentence with each spin.

    This is one example of good spinning practice. Easier to do, perfect readability, and added uniqueness because Google identifies content on the context level.

    Well... I'm talking to much. For those who say that it takes too much time... True... It takes some time, but less than if you had to rewrite the article over and over again manually. And you can use the spun article over and over again a lot of times as well.

    Shortcut: outsource it or pay for a monthly spun article subscription, which is what I do...

    Conclusion: perhaps you were thinking about something else, because Instant Article Wizard isn't a spinning tool at all. It compiles a completed article for you, but you have to rewrite it when you're done...
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