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Thread: 3 Ways You Can Drive Traffic To Your Site & Make Money !

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    Unhappy 3 Offline Ways You Can Drive Traffic To Your Site & Make More Sales !

    hi everyone ...

    Being old school and not a old fart just in my 50's I would like to raise consciousness how much money are you leaving on the table by not using old fashion marketing - offline marketing in combination with online marketing technques

    I wish to introduce something I learned years ago -- called Guerrilla Marketing - in a nut shell all it is, a different mindset you adopt to the way you market, if you are using many online weapons to reach out to your market and outdo your competition, then the gureilla marketer thinks 3 dimensional and looks for other ways to add more weapons to his arsenal to beat the competion and and win the battle --- more sales

    In short who will do better the marketer who simply employs a set amount of weapons only used online or the the marketer that always is looking for other unique new ways to market better. This is the guerrilla marketer way of thinking. Get the book in amazon to learn about this vietnam warfare way of thinking...nope i am not an affiliate for the book....

    I am looking to learn as well from you but here are some to start the thread for those whom are interested: Here is my 2 cents maybe you can provide your ideas as well to make this an interesting discussion. This is old school marketing I know lots of you will frown ...but for those that are not doing it you are leaving money on your kitchen table....

    How Can Offline Marketing Help You Make Money or More Of It ?

    * Start a new email list
    * Drive traffic to where you want to drive it too
    * Make additional sales from the offline world

    Methods You Can Use To Drive Traffic To Your Site Online

    1) Do reverse mailing those pieces of junk mail you get of people sending you chain letters and other biz opp offers send back your sales landing page printed out as a sales letter with some revisions if necessary

    2) Buy lists online of biz opp seekers and use services online that set no direct mail minimums can send 1 postcard or 50 or 100,000 you decide and can send 5 a week for $5.00 till you can scale it more

    3) Implement a self funding campaign to offset marketing cost by offering a report for $2.00 for shipping handling.


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    I've never used offline marketing before, maybe this is the time for me to explore further. Thanks.


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