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Thread: I want to create my 1st membership site --- any tips, mistakes to avoid, tools, etc

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    Default I want to create my 1st membership site --- any tips, mistakes to avoid, tools, etc

    I wish to create a membership site have done some research but would like to hear what others have gone through .

    Would like to do it on the cheap 1st but what does this mean on the cheap what are the pros and cons !

    What other low cost alternative are there for me to consider like paydotcom hear they offer membership tool there but do not much about it.

    What should i be thinking about - what should i be asking myself before i create one ?

    It will be a fixed term membership for 6 months - 12 months

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    I am also looking at setting up a membership site for all the people that sign up on my iZigg Mobile Media team to sell mobile media SMS text marketing to businesses. I will also set up a membership site for all the businesses that sign up with me at so I can provide resources and ideas to help their business so I will have 2 membership sites to set up. I am considering e-member since it's only $49 for unlimited domains. I also will be investigating other options like digital access path and a-member. Looking to see what others have to say about the benefits of each.
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    An excellent solution is to use a Wordpress blog with the s2Member plugin. Has a lot of options and seamless PayPal integration.

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    I really like Digital Access Pass ( [AFF]

    I would think that you believe the membership site will be successful and if so, you will need more functionality than the cheap or free tools give you. That means that you will spend a lot more converting to a new system than if you started out with software that is just a little more up front.

    DAP let's you "drip" content like an autoresponder, protect content so people can't share the links, build PayPal buttons, offer coupons, have either one-time, fixed term or continuous payments, built in affiliate program, set up One Time Offers, create an affiliate tools page that automatically embeds affiliate links.

    I've found that the support is exceptional and they are continually adding new features.

    For about $200 you can have a system that will grow with you and avoid paying much more later to convert.
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