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Thread: What Are Online and Offline Tools That I Can Use To Holding Coaching Sessions

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    Default What Are Online and Offline Tools That I Can Use To Holding Coaching Sessions

    I have a offline business with team members and wish to use technology to save time for me when I do training to team members.

    What suggestions do you have that I can maximize my trainings online and offline, this is important to me that I deliver the best training possible using technology to deliver optimal training lessons.

    Have never used technology tools to hold training events offline and online !

    Have always done things the old fashion way -- would hold trainings at a brick and mortar building offline

    Time for me to leave this dinosaur way of training and explore other ways of delivering training sessions and open discussions for groups of people.

    What are the tools that are free i can explore and paid tools with pros and cons a few of them at least of each one.

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    I've held online training sessions, using Instant Teleseminar and Go To Webinar. Both aren't free however they do come with a 21 day trial.

    Go To Webinar, very slick easy to use and you can use your mic, do extra things like take polls.
    Instant Teleseminar requires you to dial in via phone to conduct the seminar.

    One of the main draw backs from online training is that it can be hard to tell if you have their full attention or they are using skype, making a coffee or just going for a pee.
    Best advice to make it interactive as possible and take out a trial on either Teleseminar or Go To Webinar.
    My personal favorite is Go To Webinar


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