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Thread: Review Sites - How Can You Review Honestly When You Don't Own The Product

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    Default Review Sites - How Can You Review Honestly When You Don't Own The Product

    I struggle with this -- can one still review honestly if one does not want to buy every single product to review.

    Not sure how can i review for products i have not owned myself, one has to be careful since our reputation is on the line and can be destroyed in quick second..

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    See: Driving Traffic to Product Reviews


    Promoting Physical Products as an Affiliate

    How do you write product reviews without buying every product?”
    You don’t. And you won’t necessarily need a product review to sell every type of product. You can do your research though and share that data with your visitors. For example, where they can get the best deal or free shipping on that product. You can compare specs between two similar products and point out the strengths and weaknesses of each. You can share a general analysis of consumer reviews.

    You can also elicit reviews from consumers and even host contests. Off-site, you can ask on sites like Yahoo! Answers and and request permission to reprint their responses.

    Of course personal reviews and case studies are going to convert better, but they aren’t always practical. Particularly in the case of a site that features “a million pair of shoes”. Read: How to Write a Product Review
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