I have decided to make this a separate thread on duplicate content and providing you some links to check out as a result of a response to one of my posts, it prompted me to go ahead and post this.

In the past I was not as helpful only because I felt I did not know enough, I still don't know anything...just as I have taken mambo dance classes for years and still have two left feet......... Just kidding guys smiling right now.

The info I will provide is not what I think is what I know about what other authority sites think about it to put this confusion to rest for many of you, I would appreciate if you find out any new changes to let me know too....pleaseeeeeee........

Now for the beef..........Where's The Beef -- About This Duplicate Content ?

1) http://googlewebmastercentral.blogsp...t-penalty.html

2) http://googlewebmastercentral.blogsp...-scrapers.html

If you find this helpful let me know and if you find out anything new I should know please also share this with me here for my benefit and for others to see...later...