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    Default Considering Elite Membership...

    Hi all.

    First, am very happy to have found this forum - looks like a great community.

    I am a professional writer specializing in creating custom SEO web content - but find my blog gravitates to what I call the "DIY-SEOer" market (focus on content marketing). So, am considering shifting the focus of my business/website away from writing for others to exclusively promoting my own products/affiliates.

    Anyway, I am considering joining the Elite Member community and was wondering if any of you who are already involved with it would mind sharing how it has helped improve/clarify/or grow your business.

    Thanks much!
    Trish Nichols
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    I just did a blog post about the Elite membership and how it's helped me in both my business and personal life (

    It really has been a blessing for me to be a part of the Elite group and have these great people to bounce ideas around with in a safe place. I've found focus, I've got the group to hold me accountable for my goals, and I know where I can turn when I need advice on a new technique or if I need the wording of a webpage reviewed.

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    I just read your article. Every word you wrote seems to be my thought..always "bouncing" back and forth with ideas, always out there on some "horizon" never being able to reach it. I'm glad my experience is solely my own. Thanks for sharing.

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    I just upgraded to an
    Elite member.. My hubby and I are so happy to be starting our new venture

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    SaraAssists Guest


    Waving a big hello to Retta719. You're a familiar face from Squidoo days. I was momwithahook over there.

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    There are both a seperate private forum where you can ask questions, get advice, have access to various materials to help in starting, expanding any aspect of your business by people who've been there, plus there is a weekly hour long conference call in which you have access to Lynn Terry and can ask about whatever is causing you a problem. It isn't always open to join, so suggest you run, not walk to join up

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    From a newbie point of view it has helped me to focus since Lynn and Alex have really given me some good suggestions. This is my first elite group and I am not regretting.
    You will get help if you need any and you will help others like us. And you can cancel any time.

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    Oh my Trish, I can't tell you how much elite has helped me. It's really something you need to see for yourself and you always have the opportunity to cancel at anytime. But for me personally, I have learned so much. Everything from Wordpress, focus, writing reviews and the list goes on. I think staying accountable to the elite group is big for me and I love that we can share stuff here that no one else hears about...the group is blocked from the search engines so we are free to share openly about what we're working on. I feel close to the elite group and trust them.

    I really could go on but hope this helps. Would love to see you join us! Oh and if you don't have a referral link to use, I'll be happy to share mine with you LOL

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    Woo Hoo - I got a sticky!

    Thanks all for replying - I truly appreciate it. I'm going to give it a shot and see how it goes!

    Thanks again -
    Trish Nichols
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    Quote Originally Posted by angienewton View Post
    Oh my Trish, I can't tell you how much elite has helped me. It's really something you need to see for yourself and you always have the opportunity to cancel at anytime.
    Is there a way I can put my membership on hold w/o cancelling it? I don't want to cancel but I'm currently in debt reduction program right now and I need to stop all credit cards until i get this debt under control.


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