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Thread: Considering Elite Membership...

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    Hi mksmith, I know exactly how you feel. Check out my about me page. I am so deep in training. I will see if I can find my old about me page to show you the old one.
    I am not making a living on line, yet have found the Elite forum my best investment in my on line business actually doing what it takes to make money part. It costs less than all the classes you see on the page I took over the last 18 months.

    The change to the about me page was made because Lynn Terry reviewed my site along with other Elite members and I implemented the feedback they provided.

    If you go to my home page, you will see a post about the Elite membership down about 4posts. Look at all the comments. They are all from Elite members. It is a support forum where everyone helps each other. No promise you will start to make money super fast, yet yuo will get great ideas to help you. There are a lot of others like you and me that are getting the help and support they need to keep making progress forward.
    I bought to promote the Elite Membership and I truley believe it is a good thing for newbies and masters. There are some people not making any money and others in there making over $259k all helping each other. No guarantees, yet for the super low price it is the best thing I have going for me right now. I have a few other monthly programs I belong to still, yet this is where I come and hang out the most and get real people helping me real time, not just recordings. If you buy on my affiliate link I will be very grateful. You can read more about Lynn Terry Elite Mastermind group on my blog in the post I mentioned above.
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    Welcome mksmith

    Our strong points in the group are action & implementation, but that does require your active participation of course. My advice is to hang out here on the public side of the forum, post a few threads and/or get involved in current discussions, and get a feel for the community. Many of the Elite Members regularly post in the public forum as well.

    Take a couple of weeks and see what you think.
    Lynn Terry
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    Hi mksmith,

    In agreemnet with Clay, I don't think you'll find better value for the money. Lynn could easily charge much more and I'm sure people would happily pay (I know I would).

    I have struggled online for nearly two years now, tried a bunch of different programs, put myself in debt with the buying and currently not making a living online either.

    However, I do believe its possible to make a decent living online and that you, I, and many others are definitely teachable -
    with no better a place to learn than SSWT.

    As Lynn suggested, hang out in the free public areas of the forum and explore. Post any questions you may have and read the threads. What you'll find is that this community is totally supportive of one another and helpful in any way possible.

    I can not say enough good things about Lynn and the community of people she has here in this forum. Unlike other forums I have visited and belonged to, this is a very active and supportive forum (not self serving).

    I've been a member now for about 3 months and have been more of a side line observer. However, I do jump in on as many Q&A and Brainstorming sessions as possible and from those sessions and reading threads I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and direction. Possibly more in the past 3 months than in the last 12-20 months.

    All this new knowledge is without really actively participating. Knowing this, I have made the decision to take full advantage of everything the SSWT forum and elite membership has to offer by asking for help and being more active here (I can only imagine how much faster I will grow).

    I have no doubts that you will be more than happy with all that is available to you. I can go on and on about what a great investment the elite membership is but you'll only know for sure by trying it.

    Please do make a point of saying hello once you sign up

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    There are so many great benefits to belonging to this community - the best part for me is that the ideas, support and inspiration I've found here have really prompted me to take daily ACTION on my online business.

    I tend to be a collector of ideas and love to learn new things - but until you start translating all that new information into action - you won't get any closer to your goals. Joining the Elite group has been the kick in the pants I needed to get moving in the right direction - and I can honestly say I've taken more positive steps forward since I joined (2 months) than in the entire year and half prior.

    Money VERY well spent IMO!

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do!
    Trish Nichols
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    Default Elite

    Hi All,
    I have just joined the Elite group and even though I am still waiting for my details to come through, after reading a lot of the forum comments here I feel it is something I can be part of.

    I have tried everthing there is going online (well almost), and always felt I needed a helping hand along the way especially trying to get started with internet marketing.

    I failed and failed and got so depressed about the whole thing I gave up. I came back several times even tried Wealthy Affiliate web site but that was just far too much info for anyone to take in trust me!

    This forum is just the starting block for me and the kick up the ass i needed also i think.

    The WA forum was not for me, people wanting money off you anytime you asked a question.

    This forum is not overwhelming either, it is not too busy that you can't keep up also it seems to be full of real people not a bunch of Super Affiliates bragging about how much they make (or not) each month!

    Anyone can make screen shots up of their earnings!

    Anyway enough of that I have got it off my chest now, time to have a look at the Elite Section.

    Back to work tomorrow after being off for 2 weeks with really bad chest and cold.

    Good luck to all of you and get out there and make some money!


    p.s. What details do you have to wait for once you have signed up for Elite Membership?
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    You'll get your details as soon as Lynn approves you. She is in and out of the office today but she will take care of getting you all set up for the elite group as soon as she can. Thanks for your patience! And WELCOME!

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    Actually Gary, it looks like you're all signed up for the elite group. If you scroll down, you should be able to access the elite group membership area of the forum. Let us know if you're all set.

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    I have been a member of the elite group for five months now and I am finally making some money from affiliate marketing. I love the group. I wrote a blog post about it you can find it

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    Danielle ... what a lovely post ... you've described your journey into the Elite Membership so well ...

    And you're right its a wonderful support group full of great people - similarly focused on having a successful online business ...

    Thank you for reminding me to participate more ... ...


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    Thanks Jane! I really value the Elite group and I always know where to find help when I am stuck or feel like I am clueless!


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