Hi everyone!

Quick question for a newbie, lol

How do most internet marketers set up their business? Individual, do you use your social security number and name for affiliate accounts and payments? When I say affiliate accounts to me that covers amazon, ebay stores, clickbank, google adsense? If there are more, I havent heard about them being mentioned on my research yet... dont even have these set up yet.

Or, do you set up as a business and get a tax id number for these affiliate accounts? Which way is best to get approved for these accounts?

One more thing, how do you set up links for products and get paid if someone purchases? Example, I want to promote a certain that JIM has (e-book) and hes going to give me 20% how do I set this up? a link? a cart?

Hope not asking too much but the first two questions I was unable to find a thread for and while typing this I thought about the last.