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Thread: Saving Bookmarks, a good service?

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    Default Saving Bookmarks, a good service?

    I am saving lots of bookmarks as I build up my internet connections with my business. I am starting to think ahead to a hiring a first employee and would like to save my bookmarks in a way that my employee can access them. I checked out delicious but find it is not easy to use.

    Can anyone suggest any bookmarking good sites with a good user interface?

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    Have you looked at Stumbleupon?
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    I use Delicious. I just started using it and like that I can make some of my bookmarks private and share others. Plus the tags help find my links when I need to.

    What are you finding hard about it?

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    Well, if you are using Firefox or Google Chrome, you can sync your bookmarks across multiple computers I think. Here are some links about it:


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