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Thread: Hi From The Haphazard Newbie

  1. Default Hi From The Haphazard Newbie

    Hakan, here, the forum newbie
    Been involved in internet marketing over the past couple of years ...
    Somehow I haphazardly, made some money, nothing to really boast about ...
    Then again I'm not the boasting kind

    However reach that turning point in life, were I have decided to really grow and develop my business, and take it to another level ...

    My main area of expertise is, Mindset creation and development,
    Been trained by one of the world's leading experts in the field, Bob Proctor.

    One of my core beliefs is "we all can learn & grow from one another."

    I'm really looking forward to being an active participant to the forum ...

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    Welcome Hakan. Glad to have you here.

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    Welcome Hakan. Hope you learn a lot from everyone here.


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    Welcome !

    Looks like you have alot to share .. looking forward to learning from you ... : D

    ~ Tammy

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    Welcome Hakan, look forward to your posts.

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    01Mobster Guest


    Welcome Hakan!
    It sounds really interesting what you are doing.

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    Thanks guys and gals, for making me feel most welcomed :-)


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