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Thread: List & Autoresponder Swap's - What to do and not to do

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    Hi guys
    I would really appreciate your words of wisdom. At present I am not completely at the stage to do a List or an Autoresponder Swap, however I am getting there .

    What I would really love to know, what would you reccommend for me to do and not do in order to have a successful List or Autoresponder swap, especially if you could share some nightmare encounters ...

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    One of the best suggestions I can give is to think of your list as real people with real concerns and interests. If you wouldn't send an email to your best friend, don't send it to your list. And when you are looking for AR partners, make sure they have your same value system.
    Christine Cobb
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    I have never done a mailing list swap and probably never would unless it was a really great fit and I know the business personally.

    Great advice, Chris!

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    Thanks guys and gals for your words of wisdom :-)
    Any one experienced any nightmare scenarios?

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    Hey there!

    I dont have any personal experience of 'nightmare scenarios' and I really dont intend to have one but just today I came across this shocking article which is related to ad swaps.

    Please go through it and avoid falling for scams, which even well experienced and ethical pros have to fall for at times.

    Link here :


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