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Thread: They add their own affiliate links in my posts. Sneaky little ......

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    Default They add their own affiliate links in my posts. Sneaky little ......

    I just have to say that my site has had (or is going through) a bit of a change since my last post.

    I've received offers of investment, however a family friend who works for a large surfing company is helping me to analyse my site. My friend says he spends £1,000 per week advertising on one site alone, and he helping me getting some paid advertising. However .. there's a problem. I've been bitten by the car audio bug, and I'm currently trying to fit over £1,000 of car audio gear into my car which is worth less than my socks.

    There's a few gaps in the CA (car audio) market, and I'm thinking of starting my own business, which will have a site to accomapny it, rather than having just a website on it's own.

    I have finally found out what my passion is, and my passion isn't being stuck in front of a computer for 10 hours a day. So my plan is to get profitable (well ... making more money than it currently does), then to fund my new car audio business. Then when things take off, i'll either sell for a lot of money, or I might keep it on if maintenance is going to be minimal.

    Back to the post

    I've just noticed on one particular audio forum that I’ve just joined that when i post and then I go back several minutes later to see the replies, the admin team have put a 'Shopping link' in. Sneaky or clever?

    Here's a picture.

    audio forum adding links
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    That is downright unethical and wrong!

    The only thing you can do is stop using that forum alltogether! If the admin team can do such thing, I can only imagine what kind of a forum could it be!

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    it's to do with car audio. I love car audio thing, but it's a ... narrow, back bitting industry! But I was warned about it. But every time I post, i go back a few mins later and low and behold there's a link. I know of no other forum that does this! I wonder if there's any software that does it automaticaly?
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    the thing is with skimlinks, is that someone still has to add the link... and it sure as heck wasn't me!

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    MY take on this - FWIW ...

    When you post on a forum you are generally allowing your content to be used (on the site) and the owner can format it however they want. I mean, they can put a big adsense ad right in the middle of your posts or articles if they wanted to.

    As Prodigal mentioned, these inline ads are done via a script. There are tons of these type scripts out there. NO admin in their right mind would go to this effort manually when there are all these cheap scripts out there to use.

    As long as the forum owners aren't altering the content (wording) itself OR changing YOUR links to theirs, I don't see a real issue with it. The owners of the site have a right to monetize the content on their site.

    YOU always have the right to not use the forum if this bothers you too much. That's what I do.

    Personally, I go to a few forums that do this and I get good value from those forums so it doesn't bother me. They don't change my sig file links to theirs or anything like that. I have more pressing things to worry about online. heh heh

    My 3 centz anyway ...

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    Cheers for the update everyone. I've joined skimlins .. not a bad little program to join, however I've yet to see the code take effect on my forum in the same way. i guess another email to skimlinks will do the job.


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