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Thread: Broke the golden rules of Internet Marketing, still made money - Here's what I learnt

  1. Default Broke the golden rules of Internet Marketing, still made money - Here's what I learnt

    For nearly two years, I literary broke the golden rules of internet marketing, still made money.

    Here's what I didn't do:
    Create a web page with an opt-in
    Generate an email list
    Give upfront value to people
    No freebies to give people
    Article Marketing

    I didn't any of that, yet I still made over $3,000, from copying and pasting.

    Most people might want to know how I did it, however that's not the purpose behind this post. If you really want to know, drop me a PM and I'll share.

    Although I made over $3,000, it was over 2 years. If your disappointed by the fact it took 2 years, would you say no to $125 each month for 2 years for just copying and pasting?

    The important thing I want to share is the two things I learnt ...

    1- If you take action, the chances you being rewarded for your efforts is higher than not taking any action.

    2- If I had taken a systematic approach in earning money online. If I had built up an asset base of having a list of prospects, providing them with value.
    I'd have a list of prospects who would more than likely like me, trust me and buy from me and I would of made more money.
    Let's be honest people tend to buy from people who they like, who provide them with value.

    That's what I've learnt, over to you what you think ;-)

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    Upon until about a year and a half ago, I knew about article marketing, SEO, opt in page's etc, it was like having the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, just not knowing how to really fit them all together.
    For me the one person who brought everything together was Chris Farrell, whom I knew previously as a DJ.
    How did he do it, through providing me really useful and practical information from his newsletter.
    He may not be everyone's cup of tea or coffee, the way he taught just resonated with me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prodigal View Post

    * what copy/paste thing this whole thread is revolving around?
    Cutting and pasting affiliate links/pre-written emails from the affiliate program I joined

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    It's good that you were able to earn some good extra income from taking massive action. Definitely, taking some action and doing something the wrong way is better than doing it the right way but not doing it at all.

    But take note that there's a big difference between 'making money online' and 'building an online business'.

    Creating an email list and providing people with value are some of the key steps in building an online business.

    Making money online is something that comes and goes as tides and seasons change, so it can be something unreliable. Building an online business that is sustainable and provides great value will assure you a safe future, so building an online asset such as a list would be in you best interest.


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