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Thread: Voodoo Traffic - Has it increased traffic for you?

  1. Default Voodoo Traffic - Has it increased traffic for you?

    Voodoo Traffic claims to increase both traffic to websites and increase search engine ranking.

    What I'd love to know is from the users of Voodoo Traffic, if it has done that for you. Increased traffic & increased your search engine ranking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prodigal View Post
    Is this about Jeff Johnson's traffic voodoo?

    If yes, then my answer would be; i have never tried this thing but would surely like to hear a review about it

    I might be interested in it after hearing some honest reviews
    Yes Jeff Johnson's Voodoo Traffic.
    Would be really cool if anyone whose used it to give their honest opinion, especially after using it after a while, as a lot of people's prospective changes over time :-)


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