We have all had to pass through a phase in internet marketing when we found ourselves deep in contemplation. We also had to pass through the phase of downloading the latest red hot IM ebooks/courses/videos from the Internet and leaping from one promising method to another. Majority of us are past that, but many are not!

The fact is that success comes to those who 'fight' for it! You have to put in 'Honest-to-God' effort by doing practical work. You really have to take some proactive solid action to succeed. In the words of my mentor, there are three things to be followed in order; Action, Fire, Aim!

What! - Yes, you read that right. You can always aim for the stars and moons later on, but you need to master firing in the first place, if you want to make some significant progress.

You may be pondering about taking practical steps now as you might feel the need to go through 'all' of the IM material online. Let me assure you that gaining knowledge is a lifelong process and starts from the day we are born until the end of our life. Nobody is stopping you from learning and you shouldnt! But that does not mean you should postpone the implementation part till you have gained the entire marketing knowledge. If this is how you work, then I am afraid, you are doomed for failure!

One real life example that comes to my mind is that of Doctors. Medicine is an ever-changing field. Numerous medical reports, books, guides, scientific articles are published daily. Do you see doctors gaining the entire theoretical knowledge on earth before they start their practice. Hell, NO! They go through the essential basic subjects to obtain their qualification and then start practicing medicine rightaway! Their further learning process and gaining expertise continues along with their medical practice. This applies for you too!

You may be wondering that they take 5-6 years to get ready and you must take at least a year or two as well. Frankly speaking, it takes at most a month to acquire the basic knowledge of internet marketing, if you put in the hours that is. Besides, success in the IM field is more dependent on individuals' personal experience than anything else. Once you are familiar with the principles, time for you to get in! How exciting is that! Look at it as a challenge. You may not be successful at first, but you will sure be ready for success later!

As far as educating yourself is concerned, take time out for it daily, say 1 to 2 hours to get up-to-date with latest materials and familiarise yourself with other methods of internet marketing, but let me remind you, it shall not exceed the time devoted to practical action towards achieving your main priority.

Start with small problems at first, master them, and then move to bigger ones. But the key to success in internet marketing or anything else in the world is Action. Take action right NOW!