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    Advice please......

    I need to get grahics for my new blog.....and am looking for someone to do them for me. I have looked at iphoto and some of the other "free" sites...but not finding what I want.
    Any recommendations? What is the normal price range?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


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    I think your best bet would be to go to, where you can get graphics for $5.

    Though, not sure how hard it would be to find someone who can do quality work. Ask them to give you some sample first before you start working with them...

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    Thanks for the info......I have contacted fiverr. The first guy didn't produce, but since then, tried 3 others and liked 2 of them. There is so much talent on that board...and for so cheap. Amazing. I think they count on some upgrades and tips if they do a good job. But overll, I found acceptable.
    If you were in a real could be a problem. But they say in their bio info how long it usually takes to get it done.

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    I bought this graphics package on the Warrior Forum last week. It is a crazy low price ($9.95) for a lot of graphics that you can use as is or customize.
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