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    Hello all,

    I've had brainstorm on a cold Sunday here in Wisconsin and for whatever reason clicked on here and had to ask a question, so I apologize if this has been asked (and if there's a thread if I could be pointed to it here), but I wanted to get going on some ideas for ebooks. Now if you've been reading about the book readers like Kindle or the Ipad or Nook, those are the types of ebooks I'm referencing. I realize that they may not be that profitable overall, compared to their paper versions, but I would like to utilize them in getting recognition or building a brand, so to speak. But my problem is that of time. I'm newly married and have a child and a yeah, a typical life without a lot of time to do the things I believe can be BIG for myself and my family.

    So the question... Has anyone used Elance or any of the other freelancing companies to outsource writing projects or even books/ebooks? If so, do you find one is better than the other in terms of the freelancers there or are they the same, hopefully, quality for what they potentially bid on your project? Eventually I would be writing these ebooks myself, but I wanted to get on the ground running to start right now and feel a good freelance/ghost written book might help things out.


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    You might try posting your requirements in our job board. There are certainly several in the Clicknewz community who should be able to "geturdone" (as the cable guy woould say)

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    Hmm... I've never outsourced article writing or creating eBooks. But like nar321 said, you might want to check out the job board on this forum too.

    I don't really know about the quality of big sites like eLance. Can be hard to find good freelancers.

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    Writing is like a lot of things in life -- you usually get what you pay for.

    So, often it comes down to what you want to spend and how much editing you want to do.

    For some topics, a starving english major at a university is perfect for this. You can also have success with ODesk/Elance/Scriptlance, but I would personally stay away from overseas writers.

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    We have used elance with great success for ebooks. The key is to research your topic very well (unless you already know it well) then find out what your potential readers want in the book - with a survey for example. Then you can decide on the chapter/topic headings. then you need to write a really good brief of what you want from the writer. then ask them to do a chapter (you MUST pay them for this) - then narrow down your choices, in fact getting them to write a chapter will eliminate many. You should find someone good if you use this method. We have.

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    I've never found a writer on eLance but I've had good results by just asking around on forums like this.

    If you're still looking around, be sure to check out It is a directory of female freelancers.

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    I did not outsource any project like this yet in lance or any other freelancing marketplaces.But my suggestion is if you have time do it yourself as many people there are not skilled enough to handle or write a high quality article unless you hire a native English speaker.


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