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    I have been pushing to start offering custom twitter backgrounds and honestly aside from putting a post or two up about it I have no clue how to offer it to the "masses" I have an Idea on what to charge but not too sure on that either ... any ideas?

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    I'm not sure how much you want to charge for your design service but I've seen similar things on Fiverr. I believe it doesn't cost anything to setup a seller account and they have a ton of traffic. Good luck.

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    CJ, you could set up a Wordpress site (static pages, not blog posts) and then have a page for your service, an About page and a testimonial page with images of designs you have done. Just the basics to get started. You'll need a Paypal button on the sales page too. Then obviously you'll want a Twitter account for it so you can show off your design work, tweet specials, Twitter tips..things like that.

    As for what to charge try to get an idea of what others offer for their rates and see if you can do better.

    The Fiverr tip above is great too!

    Hope this helps!

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