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    I've heard quite a bit about JV Giveaways recently how they can be a really good source of targeted traffic.

    Have you used them used them, how did you find them, would you recommend them?

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    Hakan. I have participated in a few of them. The first one I just signed up as a free contributor and got a few signups. After that I tried upgrading which allows you to move your listing up, submit a banner ad and post a paid product. I definitely got more people on my list, had a few affiliate sales through my banner and sold a few paid products.

    That being said, I'm not active on these sites because the people on my list are big freebie seekers and not responsive to offers. The giveaway site founders get a big part of your sales of the paid products (although I probably didn't do a great job up selling). I don't regret the experience however because it taught me how to set up a funnel for list building and sales.
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    Hi Chris, thanks for your post. I was introduced to the concept of JV Giveaways, as an alternative source of traffic, something which is pretty much untapped.
    A lot of people who are trying to make money online focus so much on how to build traffic or create amazing webpage, they forget about setting up a sales funnel or creating a list.


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