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Thread: Does article marketing and posting videos on You Tube work for generating traffic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by addyj672 View Post
    After google algorithm change, article marketing becomes less important for search engine marketing. The current google algorithm change the whole article marketing thing as it drop importance of major article submission sites, like ezine, about and other article management sites.
    addyj672, I respectfully disagree. In fact, the traffic from my EZA articles increased since the Google Panda update. More importantly, my syndication rate increased dramatically.

    My aim with article marketing is syndication. I want other webmasters to publish my work. This is an effortless method for backlinks and readers.

    Immediately after the Google update, I slowed my article marketing to see how my stats would play out. It turned out I still received decent traffic from my EZA articles, but better yet my syndication rates increased a lot.

    In fact, now that webmasters know that EZA is accepting only higher quality articles, I suspect more webmasters are going to EZA looking for articles because it's easier to find quality. This is fantastic for article marketers who like their articles syndicated.

    Also, because of these positive results since the Google update, I actually subscribed to an article syndication service. I submit only quality articles and the results have been pretty good (well worth the time and cost). With this service I can backlink to many inner posts from many sites. Granted, the links aren't PR 3 to 7, but they are links and often enough to attract free traffic because of the long tail keywords.

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    Video submission on Youtube is use for increase the traffic and articles submission is a best way to make quality backlinks. You can use Social Media Optimization like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn ... etc social networking websites for increase traffic of your website.

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    with youtube you can get a bunch of traffic. but you have to advertise it.

    aritcle marketing is also a good way of traffic

    I also use safelists and traffic exhance sites.


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