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Thread: How to build quality links on your website/blog?

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    To answer your question, I think that you have got the concept in mind but you never realized it yet. The key word in this situation is the point:

    "Backlink Building"

    Just like how you build a house, building backlinks to your site is something that takes time, goes on step by step, and is something that you need to do day by day and accumulate in order to reach the desired level.

    The same goes for building traffic.

    I would suggest you to use what I call, The Mysterious Multiplication Method.

    This is how it works...

    For whatever site you are doing, first choose one and only one method of backlinking. You should do this day in and day out. You can set a limit to how many you do each day.

    For example, it may be submitting articles to EZA for backlinks. So, you do this every day, and rely on it as your main backlinking strategy. This is how you start out.

    After one or two weeks, after you have become used to this method of backlinking and can do it quite fast, you add another step to your backlink plan. Perhaps the next step might be guest posting.

    So now, in addition to EZA, you also do Guest posting every day. Now you have two steps to your daily plan.

    And after a few weeks, once you have become accustomed to it, you add another step.

    By doing it everyday, it becomes a habit, and this habit becomes a powerful cycle that you will be able to use to bring any site to the top. Also, for each additional method you add to your repertoire, your results increase exponentially, not just linearly.

    But the important thing is to make it a habit cycle that builds on day after day. Something like building a house.

    The key concept in this approach is that, by doing it every day, you become faster and faster at it, and you can add more and more steps to your cycle.

    Hope that helps.


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    By doing it everyday, it becomes a habit, and this habit becomes a powerful cycle that you will be able to use to bring any site to the top.
    Yes, this is wise advice that gets to the heart of the matter.

    Link building is not technically difficult. And there is abundant information about how to do it all over the place, for free. So the question arises, why doesn't everybody have lots of links then?

    Imho, the answer is that because the solutions to the link building challenge don't lie "out there" somewhere on the Internet.

    Rather, the battle field is on our side of the monitor, inside our own heads. And this is a place where most of us don't want to make changes, thus, we keep on doing what we've always done, and getting the same results. Regrettably, I can report this authoritatively from way too much personal experience.

    Point being, Allen is very right. Our success or failure at link building will most likely revolve around whether we make it a habit or not. And that will most likely revolve around what our relationship with our online business really is.

    I'm currently building a site with link building advice. There won't really be anything new it in the way of info, because there isn't that much new to say.

    So I've coded a "To Do List" feature that allows users to track which link building tips they've actually completed. What most of us really need isn't information and tools, but help staying focused, motivated, on the job, hitting the nail on the head every day until we reach our goals.

    Like Allen said, a habit.

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    I kind of go in streaks with link building. For several months I publish 2 articles on EZA every day. Then I get into a guest blogging stint. Right now I'm in a major blog commenting stint. I still publish 1 to 3 EZA articles each week and guest blog now and then. I'm sure I'll switch it up again. One regular backlinking activity I do is mass-submitting articles so I can build links to index inner pages on my site.

    The end result is that over time I'm getting a variety of links and I'm staving off boredom. Let's face it, linkbuilding is not nearly as fun as writing a riveting article or adding some cool design to our site. But, linkbuilding is necessary.

    I agree it's the habit. I start each day either building 5 links to or writing one article for my main 2 larger projects. On an article day, if I have time, I build links and vice versa. It's a pattern I simply do over and over. The result is my site is climbing in the SERPs and attracting more traffic.

    Not every article I publish gets traffic. Not every blog comment I post is published. Not every guest blog post proposal I submit is accepted. But, some articles get plenty of traffic, some blog comments do get published on high PR URLs, and some guest blog proposals are accepted.

    With respect to the 5000Backlinks Lynn USED to sell. They aren't that great anymore. I received a 12th installment not too long ago and many of the blogs for commenting I checked were nofollow. After about 10 attempts I gave up with the list. Maybe it's a temporary issue or the fact I used the list a few weeks after I received it and the blogs on the list had been ambushed with spam. Who knows?

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    Hi Lynn

    Can you throw some light if the product which you have sold 5000links remains the same


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    Quote Originally Posted by sona88 View Post
    Hi Lynn

    Can you throw some light if the product which you have sold 5000links remains the same

    The sales page looks the same and sounds the same but you would have to check with the new owner(s).

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    Before going towards paid links create some free links. forums , articles, directories, social bookmarking sites, press releases, blogs all these will help.


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