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    Hi all. I am hoping a few of you would have some tips for my revised landing page.
    My original page was a long form style on white background, red text, big buy button, etc. With it I sold 2-3 copies a week.
    I hate long form pages personally so I installed a new theme and gave it more layers for people to navigate through. I think it looks better visually but I am not sure if it will covert any better. Your thoughts?

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    Impossible to tell if the page will convert better, that will depend on your market. You simply need to test your landing page designs.

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    Hi Debbie,

    I love your niche, neat idea! The 40's were the peak of western civilization in so many ways, a great era to celebrate. Both the fashion and music of that time have yet to be equaled.

    I don't have any brilliant sales copy suggestions, and will say only this..

    1) More photos of the fashion of that era would have helped draw me in further. A popup slideshow maybe? YouTube videos? You know, some people may need to be sold on what's really cool about that era.

    2) Tunes too, gotta have tunes to get in the swing of things! Here's something that might help. has a free radio service that you can add to your site. It's ad supported, but the ads are infrequent in my experience, and I listen a lot. As example, here's a channel that might work. It's not 40s hits specifically, but in the ballpark.

    If you need help adding this as a popup on your site, just lemme know, it's easy.

    3) If you really hate some particular sales technique, I think you're wise to skip it. Being inauthentic usually isn't a good plan. Maybe your sales will suffer, or maybe not, but life is short, and being yourself matters. And, I assure you, you're not the only one who hates long copy. All that said, testing would indeed tell you whether you're paying a price for any particular personal choice.

    I think my buddy Will Bontrager has a split testing thingy, I'll look it up if that interests you.

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    I really like your landing page...that is, I really like it when I first arrive. It has a clean look and I can take it in, relax a bit, which I like. The image and the fonts are appealing, and I want to be there. But as I scroll down I become increasingly distraught, as the initial open, attractive feeling gradually becomes buried in a mass of text that is difficult to read, and there is too much of it compressed together. It's like the page has two personalities.

    Not to be too blunt, that's exactly what I experienced as I looked at your page. I would suggest cutting out all the material on the bottom half and find a way to incorporate it in a more appealing manner, perhaps linking to it to another page.

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    Typically a page with a product to purchase should be laser focused on that one call to action with little or no other distractions like links to other pages, social media, etc. This looks more like a Home page with a product in it. Maybe on the Home page just create some excitement with more images, a video, larger text headlines and less small text paragraphs. Then create a sales page without the navigation and provide your bonus offer, guarantee, and more testimonials (it doesn't have to be long). You could even have your sample chapter on that page but maybe have it open in a lightbox if your plugin allows that.
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    Thanks for this great advice for my landing and product pages. Thee are all great suggestions and I'm going to implement them all except the lightbox idea. I have a sample chapter people can download, which downloads instantly and gives the customer confidence that "this is really together", at least that's part of the idea. Also that PDF sample reading has a couple of links back to the site, so if people send it to their friends, or if they come back to it later, the link will be right there.

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    Hi Debbie

    Before I throw some ideas your way about your sales pages, do you actually know where your visitors to your page come from?
    Do they come from your blog, do they know you, do they come from your email list, or from other marketing efforts?

    If you have no idea, I suggest checking out google Analytics and installing it to your website.

    The reason I mentioned about where they your visitors come from, is to tailor your sales page to them, you might find that you might need to create. The only people who should be at your sales page should be those who are ready to buy or want to buy.
    What I suggest is create a simple video sales page, targeted to the individual, telling them a story how your book can be of benefit or help to them, what problem would it solve or what satisfaction they will receive from buying it, maybe throw in the bonuses. Don't mention the price in your video only until the end, you want to capture their interest up until the end. Create a delay a buy button, with the buy button only showing at the end of the video.

    Here's a video explaining how to create it ...

    Another thing I would suggest, don't give away your sample pages for nothing, you spent time and energy creating your book and it looks impressive. You should only give it to people who have given their email address in return for it, if a person enters their email address, they are a potential prospect, a potential customer. Someone you can build a relationship with & ultimately sell something to you. If they are not the type of person who's not prepared to type in their email address, they are more than likely not the type who's going to buy.

    Here's a link to show you how an email address is collected for sample chapters

    However if you really want to give away your sample chapters at least use something like Traffic Zombie & at least you'll get backlinks to your site


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