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Thread: After the Farmer Update: Will you use Article Marketing?

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    I suppose that even a SHORT course on writing well would be helpful generally to the Internet Marketing community. But my peeve hasn't been so much the quality of the writing as much as the cheesiness of using article spinning software to cause lots of even MORE poorly written items become proliferated all over the place just because it is espoused as a way to "make money fast."

    "Build a million backlinks and be rewarded with cash, cash cash! Fast and Easy!"


    Google will find reverse-spinning software that detects patterns in connecting words (the, a, and) and grammatical structure sequences to overcome the spinning software junk output (eventually - it is just a matter of time now), and all those backlinks will come crashing down, if this is going to become a world where honest players win and dishonest players lose.
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    I hear ya Terry. The great thing about the net is that it connects us to everybody. The awful thing about the net is that it connects us to everybody. There's a lot of cheeseball going on out there for sure, and it can get really annoying being connected to it sometimes.

    So the challenge for us I guess is to write authentic really compelling edge of your seat articles about the Cheeseball Industry. I dunno though, that sounds pretty darn hard. Maybe I'll automate it!

    Oh wait, sorry, I gotta go. An email about how Britney Spears photos can enhance my love life and make me a billionaire in only 3 weeks just came in. That sounds important, I'd better attend to that right away. See ya!

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    Yes, that 'cheeseball' article is in me waiting to be written, for sure.

    Just comment spam spinners to start with:

    "This is good different reason why I similar your website. I one your trend of authorship you assure your histories without out sending us to 5 previous sites to accomplished the story."

    (...actual comment spam received at one of my client's sites just today - thank goodness I moderate that site! All the comments there are spam ones! It is a native plants site that receives very few real comments.)

    Then move on to some of the more amazing examples of badly done article spinning...

    Wait...! I'm making myself feel rather sick just thinking about it!

    But mainly, simply using article or comment spinning as a method to create back-links shows how simple greed can affect a person's character so that they do things on the Internet they would be ashamed of being caught doing in the real world.

    Or would they?

    Maybe not! 8-)

    Of course, some people do not even attempt to work that hard - they simply steal content and try to get credit as the original poster. A way around this proposed by Google themselves is to use pubsubhubbub (a code technique that has a Wordpress plugin - I've Googled it for you in this link.) Google also recommends shooting out a Twitter post right after posting your article to help them see that your content came up first, so you get the link credit.

    What a world!
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