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Thread: WordPress Experts - What Membership Plugin Do You Recommend?

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    Default WordPress Experts - What Membership Plugin Do You Recommend?


    This is what I'm trying to do for a university site where students register for courses and faculty manages their grades:

    Student registration fields
    Date started
    Grade letter
    Date completed

    Students only can only edit name and and email but view all their info
    Admin can manage/sort all student registrations ie edit fields, add courses

    There'll be a list of course descriptions for students to sign up for.
    Admin will be able to view what courses student enrolled in.

    I did a search of membership plugins at:
    wp-members looks promising however I thought I'd ask the people here who have had experience with membership sites.

    What plugin do you recommend as I've never built a membership site?

    Thank for your time

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    Well, if you are looking for the simplest type of Wordpress plugin that does the job, check out WP Member Champ.

    Though, I'm not sure whether it would meet your needs for a university setting.

    Most universities use Moodle instead...

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    Sounds like you need a database form plugin. You might check out If you need to control access to the data, you can password protect pages. If you need unique logins, look at membership plugin.
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