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Thread: Is It Safe To Advertise For Poker Site?

  1. Default Is It Safe To Advertise For Poker Site?

    Hey, just wondering if it's safe to have an advertisement in my sidebar for a poker site ( My brother told me that poker sites can give your site bad rep to google because they use "black hat" terms. Let me know what you think, or if you know anything about this, thanks.

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    Not sure of the answer on this but I do know that if you're talking about doing this on your Motorcross site, poker ads are not relevant so no it would not be worth it to add them.

    I honestly don't know otherwise.

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    Yes, I realize motocross and poker aren't relevant, but they offered $185 a year for a text ad. I counter offered and said I was interested, so they went up to $335. I know it's not much, but it's $335 more than what I would have...

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    I know it's tempting to accept things like this but you have to think about the future of your blog and how it will be looked at buy others, potential customers. But I guess you already decided so...

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    Angie, you do have a very good point. I haven't accepted the offer, so I'll think about it a while longer. Thanks

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    I would really think about it. I have been offered great stuff but I just don't feel right about it. Just think, the more you build up a great blog and community, you'll get awesome offers down the road.

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    You might also want to check the disclosure requirements since online gambling is illegal in the U.S.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chriscobb View Post
    You might also want to check the disclosure requirements since online gambling is illegal in the U.S.
    Yeah ... Especially in recent days.

    Internet poker giants indicted in U.S. crackdown

    After stuff like the above that just happened recently, I'd suggest that being associated with online gambling sites, as an U.S. citizen, in any shape or form might possibly cause some issues for you.

    Best consult with an attorney to see where you might stand regarding online gambling advertising just to be on safe side. When the Feds go after people there is usually some collateral damage. But they won't care about it.

    Just my 3 centz anyway ... Wanna Bet???

    OK ... How many cards do you want?


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