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Thread: please hellp ...thank you

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    Default please hellp ...thank you

    Please help!
    I bought a domain in Go Daddy, I went to register it in Host Gator. I received the email from Host Gator with my 2 nameservers. In blog post how to start a word press blog in nr.3 update nameserver is written; to go beck to Go Daddy and edit it .....When i go there to nameservers button i have 4 option:
    I want to park my domains.
    I want to forward my domains.
    I have a hosting account with these domains.
    I have specific nameservers for my domains.
    Which one should i choose and what do they mean?
    Thank you so much

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    You want to chose the one I have specific nameservers for my domains and plug in both nameserver codes you got from Host Gator. Should start with NS.

    Does this help?

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    Hi Bozena, welcome.

    My first suggestion would be to direct your question to the support staff at GoDaddy.

    I'm not trying to blow you off or tell you to go away or anything like that, but I am suggesting this would be a good time to find out if GoDaddy is going to be there to help you when you need it.

    The same idea can be applied to HostGator. You are paying these people to help you, so they should be helping you. I'm assuming both companies will help you, if you just ask.

    GoDaddy would of course be the experts on their own system, so that seems the place to start.

    I'm not a GoDaddy user, but I'm guessing you should select this choice.

    I have specific nameservers for my domains.
    I believe you would use this choice to enter HostGator's nameservers in to GoDaddy's records.

    You've already registered your domain name, so the best plan is to make it work with GoDaddy.

    If you should not be completely pleased with their service, the next time you could consider I've found them to be very helpful, (a bit more expensive) thus I always direct all my domain questions to them.

    Best of luck!

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    Make sense thanks ...what is NS ?

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    Thank you for your help. Your indication make perfect sense.
    All the best

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    Hi thanks ....i already got it works....perfect

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    Welcome to the forum, and glad that you managed to fix the problem.


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    NS= Name Servers( this comment like every other since 1/1/2011 will probably have to be approved by a moderator, which should explain any time delay between when it was written and when it actually got posted)

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    Thank you

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    Teamwork is a powerful force

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