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    Smile Help with a domain name

    Hi Everyone,

    I Hope someone can help. Here's my situation. I signed up for commission siphon. I am in the process of seeking a refund. I have put up a website through them that I really want. It was done through them so I have no idea who the domain or hosting is with. I just want to get the domain name. There is an option in my back office to delete the website . I just didn't know whether or not to do that. I imagine my account will be deleted within 24-48 hours. I didn't know whether I should wait or not.

    Any suggestions would be a help.


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    Hmm... I'm not an expert on domains, but if you don't already own the domain then I'm guessing "commission siphon" does. I don't know who that refers to.

    You can learn about who owns the domain here:

    If I misunderstand, and you're clear you already own the domain, then you're in good shape. I believe any registrar can help you move it to their management, from where you can aim it at any web host you want.

    Does that help at all?

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    Look at the terms or FAQ and see if you can figure out what you signed up for and who owns what. You may also be able to find your answer on Google easier.

    I'm on my mobile but will look too when I get back in the office.

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    thanks for the help. It took a while but I finally was able to transfer the domain to my hosting account at hostgator. Now all I have to do is figure out how to redo the site since I no longer have access to the software I created it with. I'm guessing wordpress would be my best option.


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    Hi Mary, glad to hear you got it straightened out. Wordpress is a great option. Very flexible and easy to use.
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