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Thread: What's Stopping You, From Being More Successful Online ...

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    I'm in the process of writing an eBook, I would appreciate it if you would share what is stopping you from being more successful online.
    The things other than internet marketing skills

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    My answer would be I have too many ideas and not being organized.

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    Yeah Angie I can soo relate lol..... new ideas every 5 minutes ... lol I wonder how Lynn handles that ?

    Great book topic ! ... I actually think sometimes as much as we want this Internet lifestyle ... I really think many people deep down do not really believe it works. How many people have friends & family in the background saying it is all a scam etc because they hear that ... So as weird as that is I think there is probably some self sabotage happening. It makes sense how they say once you make your first $100 etc .. it gets easier after that because now you know it really is possible.

    And also not sticking to one thing til it is completed and making money ... the info overload & shiny object syndrome ...

    Just my thoughts ...

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    My answer would be I have too many ideas and not being organized.
    Yes, me as well, too many ideas. Not enough judgment about which ideas should stay, and which should go. The more coffee I drink, the worse it gets.

    My grandfather and father were both in the printing business, so I'm a third generation publishing technology nerd. Thus, I have an incurable genetic level interest in geek stuff, which seriously distracts me from where the real action is, marketing.

    A side effect of this geek syndrome is that while I'm clever at articulating rational arguments for whatever case I'm trying to make, I'm not clever enough to fully grasp that nobody really cares that much about rational arguments.

    Cluelessly thinking more would be better, when I encounter resistance or lack of interest I tend to push even harder on the rational arguments, which makes me less likable, which readers do really care about. Oops....

    Effective salesmen are like politicians, they focus on smiling a lot, talking a lot, while saying as little as possible. Intellectually I get it, emotionally it's way over my little literal minded geek head.

    I really think many people deep down do not really believe it works.
    Well, it doesn't work for most people. There are zero barriers to entry for this field, so naturally the failure ratio would be higher in net publishing than in most fields.

    How many people have friends & family in the background saying it is all a scam etc because they hear that ...
    Sadly, many or most of the sales pages for webmaster services read like a breathless ad for some 19th century phony miracle cure, instead of a professional business communication, so the cynical friends and family have a reasonable case to make.

    Would we go to a doctor who advertised the way we do here in webmasterland? Probably not.

    Hmm... Here's my best guess for the biggest mindset challenge we all face.

    We all want big positive changes in our businesses, but we don't really want to change how we go about things very much.

    That is, we are hoping that doing the same thing over and over will somehow lead to different results.

    In my case, this plays out as a never ending pattern of coding stuff I'm not so hot at selling. In an attempt to solve the problem, I code even more stuff I'm not so hot at selling. I see what I'm doing, but I keep doing it.

    In your case, this principle seems to play out that while most readers here are probably really struggling with the Web 1.0 lone wolf webmaster model, the passionate loyalty to this publishing model remains unchallenged and intact.

    In my case, this plays out as me endlessly repeating a pattern of making the same rational arguments over and over, when I should be smiling much more, and saying much less.

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    Hi Guys

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate your feedback and your honesty.

    From my conversations with other IM's, there seems to be a running theme of the common causes as being:

    Distraction, the main culprit of distractions being the internet, the place were we do or intend to do business.
    Lack of focus
    Information overload
    How and where to start

    The main purpose of my eBook, is show how to adopt the right mindset, cause if you don't make the internal changes, its damn difficult to get started and to stay on track.

    As I think about it, I am pondering on the idea of making it an ecourse, as I have 4 to 6 weeks worth of material if I were make it an ecourse, with one topic covered every three days.

    What do you think?

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    What about PRIDE - we get too proud to ask for help and think we can take our business all the way to the top alone. Most people who try IM do it all by themselves and give up right before their mindset changes and they realize they need to employ some help.

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    I have a lot of ideas too but I'm recently discovering that I start things but never follow through to completion. And that holds true for my business as well as personal life. So to reach more success somehow I have to focus more and follow Lynn's advice of not starting anything new until the first project is successful (which is much easier said than done!)

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    I have been really thinking about this lately and I think I have the "Internet Disease" and the symptoms are
    Letting myself get distracted
    Lack of focus or focusing on all the wrong things
    Information overload..self inflicted
    Motivation used poorly
    Not staying organized
    Forgetting to set goals and sticking to them

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    I want to do so many things at once, so it will be messed up. but I learned how to be organized in this. and my family is messed up right now, my mom lost her job and we are currently living with her boyfriend, but she don't want to live with him anymore. so if I could make money online and give her the money - I would be so happy...
    the problem is, that it takes time...:-(


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