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    Hi guys
    I would really appreciate it find you could help me out.

    I've got an eBook which is near completion however, one of my draw backs is finding a catchy title, without it screaming out SALESMAN !!!

    My eBook is targeted to the newbie & beginnner internet marketer, it's all about how to develop the right mindset, cause if you don't make the internal changes, its damn difficult to get started and to stay on track. Not to mention all successful people have adopted the right mindset.

    The three areas it focused on is ....

    How to build and develop your mindset
    How to get started
    How to stay on track

    I've been toying with the title ...
    "Success Blueprint .... How To Build A Solid Foundation To Make The Internet Work For You"

    I would appreciate to hear what you think and any suggestions you may have

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    One way to get the title idea juices flowing is to search Amazon books in your category and look at the best sellers.
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    Your idea is good, I mean the title you have created, but it's too long why not try "Sure way steps to be a successful internet marketer" or a blueprint for success is a very good title for your ebook.

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    Success starts in the Brain - How to reprogram and start winning at IM

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    Thanks Cash Flow, you've given me an idea

    Success starts in the mind - How to re-program it and start to win at IM ;-)

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    I think instead of focusing on what to call it focus on answering these questions;

    what's the biggest fear newbies internet marketers have?
    what is their greatest desire and ambition?
    what do they hope by learning internet marketing?

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    Reading through the suggestions here I'm thinking "Reboot Your Mindset" or "Reboot Your Marketing Mindset". I agree with Sybil the earlier ones were a bit long, you need something that gets your point across fast and that hopefully will stick - so the shorter the better in my book - if you'll pardon the pun.

    Good luck with it.


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