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    Default Building a Google News site

    I was just on a webinar wednesday night where a strategy for getting top Google results quickly and at any time was described. It involved building a Google news website and getting it accepted by Google. The software pitched at the end was to high for me, but I am thinking that I could still try it on my own.
    Not a lot of info about it available. Has anybody here ever created such a site and had it accepted by Google ?

    I did find a link that lets you submit a url to Google for review, but getting it accepted is the real trick I would imagine.

    Resources on building a "News Site" in General would be good too.


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    Never even heard of that strategy, can you send us a link to the sales page or any information on this I might be able to get my coder to take a look and reverse eingeneer it.

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    Hi Pablo;

    There was a lot of hype about this program. Unless you plan to start a publishing business or press release company, I wouldn't waste your time on it. There are services out there that will publish a news article for you to google. is one of these.

    In order to become a google news provider, you have to be a news or publication company. Google isn't going to let just anyone publish news articles on their search results page. If they did, every marketer would flood google with articles designed to get traffic to their site. While it is possible to become a Google news publisher, it requires a business license and you will have to show google that you are a real news organization. Stick with a publishing service like PRWEB. If you don't know hot to write a news article about your topic, then go to the digital point forum or the warrior forum for a writter. Also, realize that your article will only appear at the top of search results for 24 to 48 hours.

    Hope this helps;



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