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Thread: Testing Affiliate Products - for example Clickbank

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    Default Testing Affiliate Products - for example Clickbank

    I'm ready to start doing some reviews and creating some affiliate llinks.

    But I want to try out the products (like ebooks and so on from Clickbank) before I promote them.

    Is it possible to do this?


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    Default Affiliate Products and Reviews

    Kat, I promote several products from the Clickbank Marketplace and I have had pretty good luck with getting review copies but sometimes I never get an answer back when I ask for one.

    I have had the best luck with getting review copies on new products.

    If I really want to promote and don't get a reply I usually buy the product because for me I would have a hard time promoting it if I hadn't read it or used it.

    Hope this helps.

    Gail J Richardson

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    Sometimes vendors provide review copies or special pricing in the Warrior Forum.
    Christine Cobb
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    I like to go ahead and purchase and walk through the sales process, to see how everything works. I get review copies often, but then I miss out on seeing what the customer will see - and potentially including pros & cons of that in my review.

    A good recent example is a product I mentioned was on sale, and how to get an even bigger discount, but did not review or necessarily recommend. I just shared the discount trick. This was the result (see the number of comments lol):
    Lynn Terry
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    I second what Lynn said. I like to see the sales process, any upsells and follow up. If it's a pretty high priced item, I also like to submit a customer service request to see how quickly they respond.

    Paying for the product also makes it more likely for me to use it (since I paid for it) and promote it (because I want to at least make my purchase back).
    Susanne Myers

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