Hi, This is George Lewis

I was only going to post this to elite members, but I thought everyone should benefit from this offer...

In our brainstorming forum I asked for some help in getting a new authority site to help people get the life insurance protection they need - but don't usually get because they don't want to talk to a pushy sales agent instead of a pre-screened friendly BROKER - that I want to offer on www.LifeInsuranceAssistance.com

So, what I'm offering is the opportunity to represent an entire STATE as our pre-screened broker! I'm offering everything for free for now... and when it starts generating leads - then it will be coverted to a membership site (unlimited leads for a set price per month - or per lead... we'll see what's better for everyone).

The reality is that too many people are without life insurance - and I think it is a good niche for us to work-on as a team.

What do you think?

P.S. If you're not a life insurance broker, do you know any? Are they friendly? Please let them know about it - Thanks!

P.S. I'm also offering a free do-follow link to everyone that submits a short 400 word article (so if you want traffic - and you happen to have a life insurance affiliate banner on your site...