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    Default Affiliate Organizer Software

    Dan Morris asked this question on Facebook. I would like to have an answer to it, too, so I thought this would be a great bunch of people to ask. Here's Dan's question:

    "I really suck at keeping track of affiliate commissions. I just ran across two accounts that have affiliate commissions just sitting there waiting for me. I've got to organize that process somehow . . . but how?"

    Someone responded an affiliate organizer software, but didn't say which one. Any suggestions?



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    Excel or the Open Office equivalent is a good choice for keeping up with things like affiliate commissions.
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    it's a problem logging into each seperate affiliate ... party, but it's all part and parcel of not being focused. However I find a really helpful and handy way to get easy links. For example I wrote a quick post tongith and skimlinks automatically stuck in some amazon links in my post (because i had no external links)

    but for ebay its even better. just copy the link in your URL bar. no more having to sign into the ebay affilaite program.

    but when i have a new idea, i always start a mini site to see what works. I'm working on a new trick to draw in traffic. i'll keep you posted.

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    I've yet to find a good way. I had a program made that pulls the information from the different accounts into one spot - but it doesn't totally work yet. Places like CJ I have to log-in to for the software to get access - so that's not too helpful.


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