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    Default Twitter Question ~

    Hi : )

    I've been tweeting for a while, but have a simple question
    that I just don't know the answer to...and figured that
    someone here might have a quick answer.

    Wondering if you know:

    (Just an example)
    If you tweet only 'once' a day, does your 'one tweet' get rotated
    among other Twitterers subscribed to...appearing multiple times
    a day for a follower...or, would the 'one tweet' be seen only once ~~
    and only at the time of "Tweet"?

    I follow a lot of Tweeters, so...I'm not able to test out what
    I'm curious about : )

    Thanks for any thoughts! : )

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    No, it only shows up once at the time of the tweet.

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    Default RE: Twitter Question


    As far as I know, when you make a tweet, it goes out to your followers. if you have 100 followers, then it will appear on their page where it lists all of the current tweets from the people they are following. How are your tweets doing? are you getting many click through rates? If you are going to succeed their, you need to create content that people are interested in, and then tweet it. Once people see you as an authority, they will be more likely to follow your links to external websites. There is a lot to know about twitter. I found an excellent set of videos. A must see for anyone trying to get traffic from twitter. These are absolutely free, but I am not sure how long these will be up, so go watch them now. Please don't pass this link around.

    Hope this helps.
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    Tweets only post to your followers timeline at the time your post the Tweet.

    The exception to that is when someone does a search, like I might do for 'smoothies' for my site. When I do that, I can see Tweets that were posted over the past hours, or even days.

    Likewise, if you click on a hash tag like #smoothie, you'll effectively be doing a search for that term. You'll see results from people you follow and others, but not in real time. You'll be looking at historical search.

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    Thanks everyone for your thoughts : ) Sometimes we 'know' the info, but just need a double-check,
    and thought I'd receive good feedback here (as always) : )

    Thanks again!

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    Yea, that is one reason that multiple tweets per day is best, while on Facebook you can just do one post per day. On Facebook it has a better chance of showing up in the feed longer and more often.
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    Yep, multiple tweets per day is better and Guy Kawasaki in a recent interview with Mari Smith said that he tweets approximately 60 times per day. He also mentionned that he even tweets the same tweet at different hours. (let's say: 8am-Noon-6pm-Midnight) Some followers may complain that he repeats his tweets but his answer to that was: if you see a repeat of one of my tweets in the day, you are obviously spending too much time on Twitter. :-)

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    I've found an effective use of Twitter lately that seems to be working for me. It is a bit manual, but very targeted.

    Right now, McDonald's has a new Mango Pineapple Smoothie. I wrote two posts about it on my Smoothie site. One is a review. The other is a coupon linked to McDonald's promotion page. I used Jing to do a screenshot, and built the link from that. You can see it at

    A few times a day, I go into Twitter (I use Seesmic Desktop) and do a search for "smoothie". I send a Tweet addressed to several of the Tweeters who have mentioned the new smoothie or McDonald's. I may do this 20-30 times in a row, each addressed to a different group. (A lot of smoothie tweets occur -- probably in the 20/minute range.)

    My Tweet looks like this:

    @party1 @party2 @party3 @party4 @party5 Buy1/Get 1 Free

    I usually have 1-2 people re-tweet the post, and another 2-3 reply with a "Thanks!"

    Unfortunately, I have no clue as to if I'm getting people to cruise the site, or if they are just clicking the free coupon and leaving, but I know I'm seeing traffic from it.

    If you can think of ways to use something similar on your site, it may benefit your traffic too.

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    There's a FREE downloadable tip sheet "Taming the Twitter Beast" available in the Members Brainstorming forum that may be helpful to show you how to manage and hopefully get the most out of Tweeting. There are lots of other really good downloads and reports there too.

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    But don't post the same message multiple times per day or you'll get deleted from most accounts and banned by some. I also suggest NOT sending out the same messages every day. Don't forget that the act of social media is being social. In my opinion if you are worried about your one tweet a day not getting read then you probably aren't using it to network so you aren't connecting to people. Start there, connect


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