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    I eventually would like to start using, but I know nothing about it. Is their any instructions on what is the best hosting plan to get with it. How much would it costs to have two blogs with using hostgator. Is their a special installion process you go through using if you are using hostgator. I was using weebly, but they shutdown my blog. I'm trying to see if they reopen it but I don't know if that is going to happen. This is the second time this has happended to me. First blogger now weebly. It seems like is the only place that your blog is safe.

    Your help will be very much appreciated. I'm feeling like I'm about to cry, but what can one do.
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    The basic costs are:

    Domain registration -- $12 each
    Hostgator hosting -- $7/month

    Lynn is doing a case study showing the entire process. You'll need to join Elite Forum group. Cost is $27/month.

    She has some links to discount the process.

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    No experience needed to start a blog. And Hostgator (Lynn's affiliate link and use code wordpress for a discount) is really helpful too. You can get any of the small hosting plans and that will be fine. I have the Baby Plan. You can host unlimited amount of domains on Host Gator. And is free.

    Did you save the content from your other blogs? If not, you should be able to get some of the info through Google.

    Don't stress over this....I'm glad to hear you're looking at self hosting because for a business that is the only way to go. And professional too.

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    I use hostgator .. i love the 'live chat' feature. I've used plenty of hosts in the past including bluehost and 1and1 and hostgator is by far the best.

    my advice; look on youtube if you're nervous about the whole thing.

    personaly rather than going for costly packages or all in palns from various sellers, i pay £9.99 per year for a domain name which i always buy from and then i buy a 'Baby' account at @7-8 per month.

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    I am very familiar with and I have an account with hostgator too. Your blogs will be shut down eventually again even if they are put back up. Whenever you go with a host you must make sure they have everything you'll need and won't be shutting down your blogs. Anyway you can actually get a first month free at host gator. wordpress? Using and hostgator is how I got started online earning my living. If you have any questions you may email me or reply to my post here. Good luck. lorak

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    Default I love hostgator

    I love hostgator, they have the best prices for unlimited domains and just as important the service is amazing. I have been with them for 5 years and every time I call or email they are so friendly and helpful.

    Just use the Fantastico and follow Lynn's checklist.

    Good luck!
    Sandra Sims
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    Hi again,
    I wrote you a reply two nights ago about I use it all the time to build my blogs.. I offered you a free course that step-by-step will teach you how to build a blog on The link is in my first reply to you. I know it'll work for you. It's the same way I got started online.It covers everything from installation of wordpress,with hostgator to keyword research, security for your blog, driving traffic to your blog, Google site map to get ranked on google, and SEO of your blog plus many more topics leaving you very confident.Let me know how you make out, lorak

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    actually, if you have a hostgator account ( or usually any other hosting account) you can install WP with a couple of clicks from your control panel. no need to even go to


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    If you host your own blogs you will never lose your information. You will be able to back up your blog and in the event of a catastrophe you can import it right back in within seconds. Hostgator is the best and I've used them for years. Easy install and their customer service is top notch.


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