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Thread: Online Freelance Writing: Site Preference?

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    Default Online Freelance Writing: Site Preference?

    Hi : )

    In order to become more familiar with writing articles
    intended for online use and/or writing 'any' internet
    marketing pieces, I've checked out a handful of different
    sites for freelancers (for both writers 'and' designers/programmers) ~

    Are there any freelance writers on this forum who have a
    'preferred site' they like to use for bidding/contracting?
    This would mean: ease of use, reliability, good overall

    Sites I'm actively working with (and trying to both
    'figure out' and maybe narrow down) include:

    *VWorker (formerly Rentacoder)
    *MTurks (trying to figure out if it's worth it; seems very 'task' oriented)
    * (a nice aggregate site for multiple sites/opportunities)

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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    i'm not a writer, but elance seems to be the best ... but these have a lot of competition as well.

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    I'm not sure how they all can offer it but there is a site that everyone on it offers to do a specific task for five dollars.
    If you would like to email me, I don't think the rules will allow me to give you the link to it, I will give you the link to this site. Register free there. You can offer to write little articles or really nything you would like. Hope this helps. Lorak

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    As a ghostwriter and freelancer for many years now, I like to deal with vworker for the most part although elance often has some of the better paying jobs. MTurk is great for making quick money if you can get in with a few good clients. The only thing I don't like about them is that as a Canadian, I can only be paid with an Amazon gift card and would prefer cash deposited into my bank account like the Americans can.

    It is all about preference really I think and the wage you are looking to earn. I like odesk because you can go in and apply to 20 jobs at a time without cost. Elance and others end up costing you after a specific time( and many times jobs seem to only end up going to those who pay for memberships since they can afford to keep on bidding)

    If you are just looking to get making money online writing articles for pay, you can always check out places like Textbroker, Demand Media Studios, Bright Hub, The Content Authority, and more who will employ you to write for more often more cash per article than those freelance sites. Good luck!


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