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    Hi all. I am so confused and could use help please. I set up an initial site following Lynn's instructions and it is hosted on Hostgator. I have decided to change course and just purchased a new domain. Not sure what to do next. I don't understand enough to figure it out. I assume since I have an initial site I do not need to install Wordpress, but I don't even know. Sorry to be so clueless. I could use a very basic lesson in how it all fits together.

    Thanks so much.

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    If you still have Hostgator you can add as many domains to it as you want if you have the Baby plan and above. If so, just go to your cpanel, addon domains and if you want to use it as a blog, you'll still need to add Wordpress to it. Host Gator has a great support team, so definitely call them if you need further help.

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    Did it Angie! Thanks! Now, next dumb question - When installing Wordpress it asks for admin email. Do I need to purchase "" email? I have a personal comcast email address currently. Thanks for your patience.


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    I used Hostgator support and they directed me on mail setup. I guess it is part of Hostgator services. ?? OK moving on. Is there a recommended guidebook on basic setup instructions? I don't even know what I don't know. Feeling very humble.

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    No worries, we can help you through the basics.

    As for the above, I just use my personal email (you could use your Comcast one there).

    I don't know of a guidebook on set up but have a look around Lynn's blog and there is a lot of great free info there. If you use the search bar, it will be easier to find specific things.

    Let's see...try starting with this post from Lynn on how to make money online for beginners.

    If you feel comfortable telling us more about your niche and site, that would help. IF you prefer to keep that private Lynn's elite membership group (part of this forum) is not accessed by anyone but those of us who are elite members so you might check it out. We can give you better one on one help in there if that interests you.

    Oh and one other blog post that might help is Lynn's case study for a niche website.

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    Thanks Angie. I've been on the forum and Clicknewz site for some time and love Lynn's info. My frustration currently is with technology. Setting up a wordpress site when you don't understand anything is tough. I know everyone here started the same way. I've installed Wordpress and now I need a simple theme. I will ask if I have further questions. Thanks so much for your help. It really made a difference.


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    Hostgator also has many tutorials and videos. I recommend setting up emails for your domains and then just have them forwarded to your general email account. It's another thing to learn, but then you can reply professionally from your domain emails and only check one account.

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    That is a terrific suggestion! Thanks. I did register for their email, but it was a real pain to get to it. Your suggestion solves that problem. Thanks so much!



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